Where should I place a sterilization control?

It is always convenient to put the sterilization controls in places that have been previously considered most inaccessible to sterilization agents.
A key place could be the center of the charge, the center of the packaging, or near the equipment door. It is recommendable for each case, in particular, to prepare maxim difficulty sterilization dispositive, with the materials that are usually used to pack the material that will be sterilized.

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Biological Indicator Process Challenge Devices, By Martha Young, BS, MS, CSPDT

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Steam Chemical Indicator class 6 (RRS 14-11610)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^5 (RRS 14-21110)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^6 (RRS 14-21120)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^6 (RRS 14-21120)

Formaldehyde Biological Indicator 10^6 (RRS 14-24110)