Bowie & Dick Test Pack (RRS 14-11230)

The Vacuum test of autoclave devices was developed by Dr. J. Bowie and Mr. J. Dick and was first published in the in 1963.

Evaluated parameters

  • Incompatible gases
  • Quality and vapor permeability and temperature
  • Vapor penetration into packs and high thickness material

Bowie & Dick Test Pack

This test is used before sterilizing packages and porous materials with high thickness. The indicator is in the form of a cube with dimensions of 1.5 x 12.12 cm. The package contains a Bowie and Dick test sheet with a chemical indicator (type2) which is placed between two bundles of barrier paperboards and packed in an outer wrap Barrier paperboards simulate 7 kg of cotton textile. On the indicator is the specification of documentation based on ISO 11140.

نشانگر بووی – دیک پک (11230-14 RRS)

Instructions for Bowie-Dick RRS

1. Place the packed pack within the empty autoclave chamber.

2. When the autoclave cycle is done, take out the indicator, and evaluate it. The color change is permanent and the test strips can be documented.

performance review

In the first stage, the autoclave with a vacuum system (temperature 134 ° C, time 3.5 minutes) evacuates the air inside the device and the Bowie-Dick or test pack spiral tube by creating an initial vacuum. In the second stage, as the steam enters, the indicator inside the chamber or test pack changes color.

بسته بندی نشانگر بووی – دیک پک (11230-14 RRS) و تغییر رنگ نشانگر


The yellow color of the indicator must be completely turn to black color to ensure the accurate function of the sterilizer. If the color does not change or brown spots are observed, the device must be controlled in terms of the mentioned parameters.

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