Cleaning Your Sterilizer

You have to do some daily tasks to keep your sterilizer clean. Clean the sterilizers (chamber) with brushes and chemicals.

This type of activity (cleaning the sterilizer wall/chamber) would be found in your specific sterilizer’s user manual/instructions for use (IFU). It might list daily activities, such as a) wiping the seal, b) inspecting for cracks or damage to the seal, c) looking for staining in the chamber, d) cleaning the drains, and e) other tasks.

In order for the sterilization procedure to be correct, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Make sure you are properly trained on your specific sterilizer(s).
  • The chamber should be in a perfect state of cleanliness.
  • Burden sharing should permit the free circulation of the sterilizing agent in the chamber.
  • Each package should be separated from its neighbors and it should not be in contact with the walls, floor and ceiling of the sterilizer.
  • The load of the sterilizer should be constituted preferably by similar materials and should not surpass 80% of the total capacity of the chamber.

Daily care of the sterilizer:

  • Ensure you have correct supplies.
  • Turn off the sterilizer and cool to room temperature.
  • Remove lint and sediments on the meshes with a brush. It is through the meshes that air and condensation are removed.
  • All accessible surfaces of the cart should be washed with a damp cloth using a smooth detergent, moving from the top down. The baskets should be cleaned last.
  • All objects that are sterilized by steam should be adequately wrapped or packaged with the corresponding indicator.

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Sterilization manual for health centers. Silvia I. Acosta-Gnass,Valeska de.

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