Documentation NoteBook RRS (CSSD)

According to the executive instructions of the Vice- Chancellor’s Office in Treatment Affairs, the authorities are obliged to document the result of indicators used to monitor the sterilization process. Accordingly, Roshan Rai Sepahan RRS Company, using the latest information, has designed the documentation Notebook for recording the daily results of CSSD autoclaves and provided it to the esteemed officials.

The following information can be recorded in the documentation notebook:

  • Device number
  • Chemical indicator test results
  • Biological indicator test results
  • cleanliness test results
  • Sealer device test results
  • Last Calibration Results (PM)
  • The name of the operator responsible for each device load

The RRS documentation notebook has made it possible to record all of the above on a single sheet regularly. Also, the details of the hospital, the name of the head of the department, and staff can be recorded on the cover of the notebook.

Documentation NoteBook RRS (CSSD)

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