Double self-adhesive Gama label (RRS 14-16110)

Today, to be able to track the process of packaging and sterilization of hospital and industrial equipment, all steps of work must be recorded on each package. Documentation is very important. If the hospital suspects a patient of infection after surgery, the color-coded indicators will provide complete information on how and when to sterilize. Data recording is easily possible with the RRS labeling machine and double self-adhesive gama  label.

The RRS labeling machine and double self-adhesive gama label specifications

It has two rows of 14 characters, letters and numbers.

Record information including staff, autoclave number, cycle number, packing date, and sterile expiration date

Record the expiration date greater than the sterile date by the labeling machine

Ability to use a variety of labels for the process of steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, and hydrogen peroxide (plasma)

Double self-adhesive gama label ,with class 1 indicator

Good adhesion after autoclave

It is noteworthy that the RRS labeling machine is distinguished from the other devices by having a few points. The most prestigious hospitals in the country use this product. These advantages include reasonable price, lightness, availability of device label, ease of changing the device label compared to other devices, and fast and cheap after-sales service.

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