Dry Heat Glass Vial (RRS 14-15530)

Dry heat glass capsules (RRS 15520-14) are used to monitor the dry heat sterilization process. RRS chemical indicator is used to check specific parameters of temperature and time during a dry thermal sterilization cycle. After the device is finished, an irreversible and permanent color change occurs in the chemical indicator.

Instructions for use Dry heat glass vial

Place a chemical indicator inside each package or tray.

It is recommended that the chemical indicator be placed next to or inside a package that has less access to sterile conditions. Remove the chemical indicator after the sterilization cycle and cooling of the tray and equipment. Evaluate the color of the glass capsule visually.


When the temperature and time parameters (180 ° C for 35 minutes) in the glass vials reach their predetermined limit, the blue color changes to brown. The color change indicates the completion of the sterilization cycle. This can only be seen by looking at the solution inside the glass vial.


Because glass capsules contain the heat-sensitive solution, those are well-sealed on both sides. Therefore, the liquid inside them is not in direct contact with the devices and equipment. This product contains glass capsules containing chemicals solution that can be sterilized in the conditions of 170 / 65 min,  180/35 min.

Disposal instruction

The dry heat chemical indicator is produced in a glass capsule and must be disposed of in a safety box.

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