High level disinfection stages – Washing

One of the stages of high level disinfection is washing, which we review below the important points during the steps:

  • Prepare a solution of enzymatic detergent in potable water in the washing tray, respecting the proportion and temperature of water indicated by the product manufacturer.
  • Submerge the endoscope fully in the solution (for non-submersible models, the head is not immersed).
  • Make the solution of diluted enzymatic detergent circulate through the channels of the endoscope until the organic remains are completely eliminated.
  • Leave the instrument submerged and the channels full of solution for the time indicated by the manufacturer of the cleaning product.
  • In non-submersible models, the head should be cleaned with a cloth impregnated with an enzymatic detergent solution.
  • Discard the enzymatic detergent solution. Rinse the washing tray used with potable water.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Sterilization manual for health centers

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