Physical monitors of the sterilization process

  • These are measurement elements that are incorporated into the sterilizer, such as thermometers, pressure manometers (barometers), chronometers, load censors, parameter registry valves and systems, among others.
  • They allow visualization if the equipment reaches the parameters required for processing. Many types of equipment currently have a microprocessor that prints the characteristics of the process at all stages. These monitors, however, can present errors or not reflect what really occurs with the process.
  • This is particularly certain due to the existence of other factors that affect sterilization, such as the size of the load and the presence of organic matter, which cannot be detected by physical monitors.
  • Physical monitors are very useful, but they are not sufficient as sterilization indicators. Additionally, they should be calibrated periodically in order to guarantee the information they provide.

Periodicity of use:

  • During every sterilization cycle.


  • The temperature of the chamber and of the interior of the packages are recorded through temperature sensors that are made specifically for the apparatus and through other external sensors (thermocouples, etc.).


  • Through manometers, manovacuometers or pressure sensors that should be calibrated periodically.


  • According to the clock that is part of the equipment, which should be calibrated periodically.

Maximum thermometer:

  • This indicates the highest temperature that has been reached, but not its duration.
  • For sterilization by moist heat, it is necessary to take the precaution of wrapping the thermometer in surgical clothing in a way that does not form channels that hinder the arrival of the sterilizing agent.

At the end of the cycle, confirm fulfillment of the parameters with the values required for the total sterilization cycle. The printed registries that can be issued by the equipment should be used.

These registries should be filed with the rest of the documentation of the process.

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