Process Challenge Devices (RRS 14-11520) (PCD)

Process Challenge Devices (RRS 14-11520) (PCD) is used to monitor a set of devices and packages in a steam autoclave, ethylene oxide, and formaldehyde. This test is used to ensure the sterilization process of challenging loads such as long tubes with small diameter, the internal surface of devices, and porous items have been done successfully.

Evaluated parameters

  • Air leakage
  • Incompatible gases
  • Insufficient Airflow
  • Gas penetration (EO-FO)
  • Vapor penetration into the interior surfaces of equipment such as narrow pipes, pipes, and perforated fittings

Helix PCD

The test set contains a stainless steel chamber and a helix tube (1.5 meters). The RRS test strip is placed in the chamber.

Instructions for PCD RRS

  1. The 4-dot test strip should bend in the middle. the part with the indicator is placed inwards (Figure 1).
  2. Insert the bent part into the groove of the plastic piece (Figure 2).
  3. Close the cap of the metal container (Figure 3).
  4. Place the Bowie-Dick containing the indicator in the surgical towels (Figure 4).
  5. Note: The surgical towels is used only for the steam autoclave.
  6. Place the Bowie-Dick and the surgical towels in the empty autoclave chamber. When the autoclave cycle is done, take out the 6-dot indicator and evaluate it. The color change is permanent and the test strips can be documented.
method of working with the device and the  Process Challenge Devices (RRS 14-11520) (PCD)

How does an autoclave work?

At the beginning of the sterilization period, the vacuum created by the device evacuates the air inside the device and the helical tube. In the second stage, with the entry of sterilizing agents (steam, FO, and EO gases) into the spiral tube and then the chamber, the 4-dots indicator inside the chamber or test pack changes color. At the end of the sterilization cycle, the color of the indicator strip is evaluated.

Record the results of the hemo test detection in the RRS CSSD Documentation NoteBook.


The yellow color of the indicator has to turn black .fully to make sure of the sterilizer’s accurate function. If the color does not change or brown spots are observed, the device must be controlled in terms of the mentioned parameters.

characteristics of Process Challenge Devices (RRS 14-11520) (PCD)

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