(Protein Test 2 (14-41110

Before the sterilization step, the washing and cleaning process must be done completely. Although it is not intended to kill microorganisms in this step, if it is not done accurately and completely, surface contamination will reduce the effect of the disinfection and sterilization steps. It can be said that up to 99% of the Bioburden on the contaminated instrument will be destroyed and removed with a thorough cleaning.l

RRS protein indicator is a quick, accurate and simple test to detect proteins remaining on the surfaces of surgical instruments, disinfectants, ultrasonic cleaners, endoscopy devices. This kit includes a vial for protein detection and a swab for sampling surfaces or instruments. The presence of small amounts of one microgram of protein chain residues on surfaces or devices can be detected by this indicator. The use of this indicator is possible with minimal training and is done only by interpreting the color change of the solution.l


The RRS protein test should be kept in the refrigerator (between 4 and 8 °C). Do not expose to direct sunlight, disinfectants and chemical substances.l


Be sure to use gloves when opening the lid of the vial.l


18 months after production