Tonometers, diaphragm rings and cryosurgery instruments disinfection

The disinfection strategies for Tonometers, diaphragm rings and cryosurgery instruments are highly varied and few studies have demonstrated their effectiveness.

Although these are semi-critical elements, many of the studies conducted used alcohols and chlorated compounds, which are intermediate-level disinfectants.

The microorganisms that we are interested in inactivating are primarily Hepatitis viruses, HIV, adenovirus and herpes. However, these disinfectants were not tested for all of these viruses.

Currently, disinfection with isopropyl 70% or ethyl-alcohol is used for 15 minutes (after an exhaustive cleaning with enzymatic detergents, rinsing and drying). The effectiveness of this practice, however, has not been verified. HLD also needs to be used for cryosurgery instruments.

Monday, May 6, 2024


Sterilization manual for health centers

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