Surgical Marker (RRS 18-11110)

RRS surgical markers are designed to be used for marking on the patient’s skin so that the surgeon can easily and accurately mark the incision site prior to surgery. The RRS markers provide an accurate way to mark the surgical sites or anatomical sites for correct blood pressure monitoring.



      • Provide clean and accurate lines on the patient’s skin


        • Available with flexible graduated ruler for more accurate marking

      Specifications of The RRS Surgical Marker


          • Violet ink


            • Non-toxic


              • Not easily removed by water and Povidone-iodine (Betadine)


                • Alcohol can be used to remove mark on the skin (complete removal of the marker after bathing).


                  • Sterilized by gamma rays


                    • V-pack packaging



                      • Do not Use the RRS Surgical marker if the V-pack packaging has been opened.


                        • This product is a single-use marker and used for one patient.


                      The marker should be stored at temperatures between 10-30 ºC and 30-80% Relative Humidity.

                      Download Catalog


                      Please Check out file at the following link

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