Incubator for Sterilization Biological Indicator (RRS 14-3210)

Today, the biological indicator is used for microbial monitoring of sterilization devices in hospitals. The Biological Indicator Incubator (RRS14-3210) is a universal incubation device designed for the Steam, gamma, and the EO, the FO gas indicator is by the researchers of Roshan Rai Sepahan Company.

The recommended incubation temperature for Steam, plasma, FO indicator is 57°C, for the EO and gamma indicator is 37°C. It is used for 48 hours at 37°C for the biological indicator of ethylene oxide and dry heat and 24 hours for gamma sterilization. It also provides a temperature of 56 ± 2 ° C for 24 hours for biological indicators of steam, plasma, and formaldehyde.


The color change of biological indicator to yellow indicates a defect in the sterilization process after the mentioned period of time. The content of the vial can become turbid or the appearance of a precipitate can be observed due to bacterial growth. If there is no color change in the indicator after the specified period of time, the result of the test will be negative and this indicates that the sterilization process is adequate.

The RRS Incubator capabilities

  • Improving the safety of the device and supplying the required power with an external converter (transformer) from 240 to 24 volts (1.5 amps)
  • Equipped with a shutdown timer and disable the device performance after the specified time
  • Provide a buzzer alarm after the incubator is completed
  • Has a backup battery to store and maintain the set temperature and time elapsed during power outages and provide the possibility of moving the device during operation
  • Special local design in the incubator to break biological indicator
  • LCD display, temperature and time display simultaneously

Download Catalog

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