Smart Incubator For Sterilization Biological Indicator (I120)

Today, the biological indicator is used for microbial monitoring of sterilization devices in hospitals. The researchers of  Roshan Rai Sepahan Company have designed a smart incubator for the Steam, gamma, and the EO, the FO gas biological indicator.

Smart Incubator For Sterilization Biological Indicator Specifications

The recommended incubation temperature for Steam, plasma, FO indicator is 57°C, for the EO and gama indicator is 37°C.

If the sterilization process is successful, the color of the indicator culture medium will remain unchanged. If the sterilization process is not performed properly (unsuccessful sterilization), the spore in the indicator is exposed to the medium and grow under incubation conditions, and the color of the indicator turns yellow.

The new RRS incubator for biological indicators produced by Roshan Rai Sepahan in a completely intelligent way detects the color change or lack of color change of the indicators in the shortest possible time and minimizes the user errors.


The I120 incubator with 12 cavities and 1 vial crushing cavity, after turning on and placing various types of biological indicators (green or purple) in the incubator cavities, it quickly detects the type of indicators. Based on that, the temperature required for incubation of bacteria provides (37 °C or 56 °C).

For each cavity in RRS incubator (number 1 to 12), ten colored lights are installed, each of which indicates a specific stage. For indicators that require a 24-hour incubation, the first green light will turns on as soon as the indicator is placed in cavity, followed by one green light every six hours thereafter. If the indicator is well sterilized (Negative), after 24 hours and turning on 4 green lights and does not changing in the color of the indicator, the light number 1 will change blue. But if the sterilization process is not performed properly (Positive), after a maximum of 24 hours, the red light 9 will light up.

Also, for indicators that need to be incubated for 48 hours, after 24 hours and four green lights turn on every 6 hours (light 2-3-4-5), three yellow lights every 8 hours (light 6-7 8) turn on. If the sterilization process is unsuccessful (Positive), within a maximum of 48 hours, the red light 9 will appear as an indicator of bacterial growth and the color changing of biological indicator. But if there is no color change in the indicator, after 48 hours, the light number 1 will appear in blue color. Also, the red light number 10 will light up in case of any error, such as entering the indicator that has changed color or the indicator not completely placing in the cavity.

The RRS Incubator capabilities

  • Improving the safety of the device and supplying the required power with an external converter (transformer) from 240 to 24 volts (1.5 amps)
  • If the cavities are empty from the indicators, the device will be in standby mode at a temperature of 28 °C. By entering the first indicator, the working temperature of the incubator (37 ± 2 °C or 56 ± 2 °C) is determined.
  • LCD display, temperature and time display simultaneously

Download Catalog

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Biological Indicator Incubator (RRS 14-3210)

Steam Chemical Indicator Type 6 (RRS 14-11650)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^5 (RRS 14-21110)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^6 (RRS 14-21120)

Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator (RRS 14-22110)