Plasma Chemical Indicator – Type 4 (RRS 14-13410)

Type 4 RRS chemical marker is used for the monitoring plasma device and sterilization by hydrogen peroxide gas. To ensure that hydrogen peroxide gas reaches inaccessible areas, place the indicator in each corner or at least in two opposite corners.


The color change of the plasma chemical indicator (RRS 14-13410) is from yellow to green-blue. The color change according to the reference indicates whether the sterilization process has been successful or not. If the color of the indicator does not change, the correct operation of the device should be checked by the technical manager.

Record the results of the chemical indicator type 4 color change in the RRS CSSD Documentation NoteBook.

After sterilization


Do not expose the RRS chemical indicator to ethylene oxide, dry heat, or any other physical or chemical sterilization process other than plasma. The chemical indicator should not be wetted.

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