Techniques for opening sterile packages

Double fold of paper or cloth When removing the product, we should avoid the contamination of the external face of the interior container.

This position has consequences for the extraction technique in the operating room.

The instruments should not rub the external face of the container.

The exterior container or second packaging should be opened by the assistants of the instrument handler, who will touch only the sterile material.

One of the most common ways to contaminate the interior container, when opening the exterior one, is by dragging the powder from the flaps of the external container.

What causes pouch holders to break?

A container that is too small for the dimensions of the material can cause breakage since this exerts pressure on the sealing cord and opens the pouch.

A very profound vacuum gap during sterilization can cause the holder to burst.

Packaging of textiles in pouches tends to break these holders because textiles retain air for longer in the pouch. When the vacuum gap is broken, the container swells like a balloon and can break. It is for this reason that it is advisable to use only paper containers since they are completely permeable to air. In the case of the pouch, only the paper face – which makes up 50% of the package – is permeable.

Issues to take into account

Never use metal clasps since they perforate the packaging that protects the material.

When paper-paper (entirely paper bags) or paper-plastic (pouch or window package) are sealed, fibers can be released during opening and produce adverse reactions if they make contact with human tissue. As a result, a great deal of attention should be paid when opening these packages.

The ideal situation is to leave a flap to make opening more practical.

The seal of the package should always be inspected prior to sterilization and immediately prior to opening in order to evaluate its integrity.

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