The main factor that influences the efficiency of a sterilization process

The activity of germicides against microorganisms depends on a number of factors, some of which are intrinsic qualities of the organism, others of which are the chemical and external physical environment. Awareness of these factors should lead to better use of disinfection and sterilization processes and will be briefly reviewed.

Devices and instrument that has not been thoroughly washed, proteins, and precipitated salts may cause the encapsulation of microorganisms, thus avoiding their direct contact with the sterilizing agent and therefore reducing the efficiency of the process.
– Package material that is not appropriate.
– Too much quantity of package material, which can either postpone or completely prevent the entering of the sterilizing agent.
– Overload or wrong loading in the sterilizer.
– Packages placed one above the other where no sterilizing agent can circulate.
– Short period of time for sterilization
– Insufficient temperature
– Concentration of the agent too low.

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Factors Affecting the Efficacy of Disinfection and Sterilization

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Steam Chemical Indicator class 6 (RRS 14-11610)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^5 (RRS 14-21110)

Steam Biological Indicator 10^6 (RRS 14-21120)

Formaldehyde Biological Indicator 10^6 (RRS 14-24110)