Preparing and packaging materials

Every article to be sterilized, stored and transported should be packaged in packaging that is selected to guarantee the sterile conditions of the material processed. Packaging should be selected according to the sterilization method and the article to be prepared. Every package should have an exposure control and an identification or label of the content, service, lot number, expiration date, and initials of the operator.

Preparation of materials, packaging and methods

Once articles are processed in the red (contaminated or dirty) area, they will be taken through the pass thru window to the blue (clean) area according to the condition and use for their preparation. This stage includes the inspection and verification of the articles, selection of the packaging, packaging of the article, sealing and labeling of the package, and evaluation of the package.

Inspection and verification of articles

The inspection and verification of articles should precede the preparation stage in order to detect deficiencies in the cleaning process, as well as the conditions of integrity and functionality of the articles. In order to complete this activity and avoid the contamination of the materials, thus guaranteeing that they are in perfect conditions for use, personnel should use a cap and latex gloves and have a well-illuminated environment, lubricants and a magnifying glass. The visual inspection of each article should be carried out by observing deficiencies in the cleaning process, corrosion and other damage like cracks. The functional inspection of each article should also be carried out, confirming that scissors are able to cut, confirming the fit of the teeth in dissecting forceps, and confirming the catch system for the toothed bars of hemostatic forceps. Their lubrication conditions should also be verified. Articles that are not ready for use will be withdrawn and replaced in the shortest amount of time possible.

Recommended practices

Use the hand washing technique before carrying out this activity. Maintain the work table in good conditions both in terms of hygiene and organization.

Do not use an oily substance for lubrication.

Do not allow a worker with any type of dermatological lesion to carry out this activity.

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Sterilization manual for health centers. Silvia I. Acosta-Gnass,Valeska de.

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