Protein Residue Detection Test on surfaces (RRS 14-41310)

Structure and test description of Protein Residue Detection Test on surfaces

The RRS Protein Residue Detection Test includes a reagent for protein detection and a swab for sampling surfaces or tools.

The RRS Protein test is a high-accuracy test for detecting the residual proteins. The RRS kit is a test for detecting protein on the endoscopes, surgical instruments, and surfaces of washing or disinfectant machines and ultrasonic cleaners. This RRS test is one of the new hospital accreditation assessments used with the protein test to check the quality of instrument washing.

Purpose of use

  • The presence of small amounts (1µg) of protein chain residue on surfaces or instruments can be detected by this test.
  • Easy-to-interpret colour change
  • Easy to use

Caution: Gloves must be used while using the protein kit to avoid protein contamination by the skin.

Instructions for Use of the RRS Test

1- Take the swab out of its cover.

2- Rub the swab firmly over the desired surface if the surface is wet; and if the surface is dry, first, moisturize the swab with sterile or distilled water and then rub it firmly over the desired surface.

3- Unscrew the reagent tube and swirl the swab in the reagent. Check the color of the swab head visually. If the swab is blue or purple, protein residue is present on the sample. In the presence of high amounts of protein, the color of the solution will change to dark red or purple. Prolonged retention of the swab in the solution results in a more apparent, fuller color, and more accurate diagnosis (Figures 3 and 4).

Record the results of the RRS test detection in the RRS CSSD Documentation NoteBook.


Keep the RRS test in the fridge or in the 2-8 °C, away from sunlight, high temperature, disinfectants, and chemical agents.

Be sure to use gloves when opening the tube cap.


18 months after the production


Discard indicators in accordance with your country’s health and safety regulations (elimination instructions).

Download Catalog of RRS Protein Test

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