Recommendations for the use of disinfection processes

Since high-level disinfection is commonly used outside the SP (endoscopy and dentistry services and surgical areas), it is essential for the professional responsible for the SP to participate jointly with the institution’s Infection Control Service in the implementation of high-level disinfection processes and to take responsibility for their supervision.

This assertion justifies that the efficacy and safety of disinfection processes requires strict monitoring of written parameters and procedures that detail work operations. Additionally, the chemical controls (control of the concentration with chemical reaction strips) and physical controls (temperature and exposure time) performed on the disinfectant solution should also be registered. These controls should have the same degree of rigor that applies to the sterilization processes carried out within the plant.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Sterilization manual for health centers

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Physical Disinfection methods – Liquid chemical methods

Factors that affect the effectiveness of the disinfection process

Factors affecting the efficacy of sterilization.

Resistance of microorganisms