High-level disinfection stages – Disinfection itself

The fourth stage of high-level disinfection is disinfection itself, which we review below the important points during the steps:

  • The disinfecting agent should be contained in a disinfection tray with a cover, on which the preparation date and validity of the solution should be clearly and legibly indicated.
  • In the case that the product requires it, the disinfecting agent should be previously activated by the addition of the activating solution during the preparation of the solution.
  • The tray should be opaque in the case that the product used is photosensitive.
  • Confirm the concentration of the disinfecting agent with reactive strips that are specific to the product used at the beginning of the day or after every 10 immersions or procedures. Confirm that the temperature of the solution is the minimum recommended for the disinfection time utilized.
  • Confirm the expiration or validity date of the solution.
  • If the product validity date has passed, or the product was diluted or inactivated (shown in that the reactive strips did not reach the final point), discard the solution.
  • If the product is apt, submerge the endoscope completely (except for the head in the non-submersible model) and make the disinfectant solution circulate through the channels of the endoscope repeatedly.
  • Cover and leave the instrument and channels in contact with the solution for the minimum amount of time specified for disinfection in the institution’s internal procedures.
  • Remove the endoscope from the solution. Cover the disinfection tray for later use, without discarding the disinfectant solution.

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