Sterile Packaging techniques

An adequate packaging technique provides adequate protection, identification and maintenance of sterility, in addition to facilitating transport, management by the user, and opening and transfer of the sterile material with aseptic techniques. All of these enable safe utilization.

Elements used for packaging

Packaging material to use:

• Adhesive tape with external chemical control according to the sterilization method to be used.

• Adhesive tape for identification of the package (masking tape).

• Internal chemical indicator or integrator.

• Gauze or protectors for sharp, pointed instruments.

• Sealer in the case of mixed or polyethylene packaging.

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Sterilization manual for health centers. Silvia I. Acosta-Gnass,Valeska de.

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Sterile Packaging selection and evaluation

Types of materials used and instructions for use

Criteria for selecting a packaging system

Preparing and packaging materials

Cleaning Your Sterilizer