High-level disinfection stages – Drying

The sixth stage of high-level disinfection is drying, which we review below the important points during the steps:

  • Carry out a final rinse of the channels and external surfaces of the endoscope with 70؛ alcohol.
  • Carry out drying by runoff or with filtered compressed air, which should be free from oils and water and at low pressure (less than 12 pounds per square inch).
  • Store the endoscope in a sealed plastic bag or pouch within 40 minutes and until its later use. If more than 40 minutes passes, it should be disinfected again prior to use.
  • In the case of a sealed pouch for storage of the instrument, label the pouch “DISINFECTED” in order to indicate the validity of the process.

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Sterilization manual for health centers

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High-level disinfection stages – Drying

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